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Pie Foundry is now offering high value web hosting. You get 2Gb of online server storage space for files and websites, 20Gb of monthly traffic, 5 add-on domains (so you can host 5 different domains and websites from one account), unlimited custom email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and much much more for an incredible £3 a month. All of this is controlled by you in your very own cPanel account. Visit for more details or place an order. No set-up fee. No VAT.  Click here

You will have your own, un-restricted cPanel account, as pictured. From here you control everything to do with your website, including unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts. Ideal for any sort of website installation, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. It gives easy access to your files and easy ways to add sub domains and add-on domains to your account.

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